North Korean Girls Vs South Korean Girls? Discover Main Distinctions
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North Korean Girls Vs South Korean Girls? Discover Main Distinctions

If you’re determined to find your Asian mail order bride, why not consider Korean girls. These ladies make great lovers and wives, yet it’s important to highlight that these women can be from 2 different countries like North and South Korea. It’s time to look at Korean women from a South vs North perspective!

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North Korean Girls vs South Korean Girl peculiarities

When you look at North vs South Korean girls, who’s the winner of this battle of comparison? Actually, each country has a lot to offer in terms of its national brides. Have a glance at their unique features.

5 features of North Korean women

North Korean mail order bride is a lady online who represents someone from one of the most closed countries in the world. Still, it’s possible to meet ladies from this state, and they can impress you with the following features:

  • Isolated: it’s a case when domestic politics is reflected in the mindset of people, and North Korean women are a bit isolated, but that makes them even more intriguing to discover and conquer.
  • Too shy: timidity is quite common in North Korea, where women are treated with less respect, and thus, it’s no surprise that they tend to be too shy. But doesn’t it make them even cuter?
  • Appealing: in this country, it’s hard to find a chubby lady. Thus, girls from North Korea have great body shapes. In North Korea, beauty standards include slim figures, smaller faces, V-shaped jaws, straight eyebrows, and white skin.
  • Non-feministic: North Korea is a country that doesn’t welcome Western traditions, especially such things as feminism. Thus, marrying a North Korean woman is to marry a person valuing and respecting her husband. 
  • More patient: living in North Korea has never been easy, and thus, women living there are quite patient. They know how to overcome difficulties, and you can be sure no matter what you do, you’ll have a forgiving wife who’ll always be by your side.

5 features of South Korean women

When looking at Korean women from a South vs North perspective, it can be said that South Korea offers more opportunities for its women to be known worldwide. Besides, ladies from South Korea are known for the following features:

  • More liberal: single South Korean girls tend to be more liberal and more individualistic than their collectivistic counterparts from North Korea.
  • More confident: when dating a South Korean mail order bride, you’ll see the difference in confidence, which is more felt in ladies representing the South.
  • Religious: it’s hard to say that North Korean women are religious given their political views, but in South Korea, women tend to be more religious, mainly Buddhists or Christians.
  • Submissive: docile nature is quite an interesting phenomenon, as these girls from South Korea are taught to respect men, and despite being liberal, they show submissive nature when married.
  • Secretive: one of the main distinguishing features of South Korean women is them being enigmatic, as they’re not too expressive.

North Korean vs South Korean women dating

The dating culture in both countries might be different. In North Korea, dating is much stricter, where the control of parents is more evident, while in South Korea, it’s more liberal. Who’s better at dating, South Korea women vs North Korean women? Here are some differences:

  • Easier to access: in the case of North Korean women vs South Korean women, it’s interesting to point out that accessing Southern ladies is much easier, be it online or offline. Easiness in dating makes Southern girls more available for dating.
  • More options: North vs South Korean women in number? For now, you can get access to more Southern ladies than Northern women. But since there are so few North Korean girls, for some people, it’s more appealing to date them.
  • A chance to travel: if you plan to travel and meet single North or South Korean women, you need to think twice. In the case of North Korea, it’s almost impossible to get a visa or enter the country. Thus, you’ll have an option to go to South Korea.

North Korean vs South Korean girls in American perspective

Among Western men, especially Americans, Koreans have always been popular. But who’s better? Here, much depends on the preferences of American guys. If they’re interested in both exotic, sexy, and patient women, perhaps ladies from North Korea might be better. But if they’re interested in finding someone with more liberal views, more docile, and less strict in relationships, then South Korean women might fit. But be sure that in both cases, these women make great and loyal wives.

Bottom line

North Korean girls vs South Korean girls? Although they can be different in many aspects, they can ensure that you’ll be loved, valued, and treated properly. Now that you know the difference between the women of both countries, you might be thinking of choosing one. So, rush to find your Korean wife right now!

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Mike is an Asian American relationship expert with years of experience. He’s one of our most valued authors who has a unique perspective on dating and marrying Asian women. Read more of his pieces to learn what girls from China, Japan, and other countries are like and how to start a healthy, fulfilling relationship with any of them.

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