Who Are Asian Mail-Order Brides And How Asian Dating Sites Can Help You?

Who Are Asian Mail-Order Brides And How Asian Dating Sites Can Help You?

Asian mail-order brides are women who are looking for a foreign husband on special websites. They create profiles with their photos, description, and purposes. The majority of Asian brides is serious about relations and is ready to create a family and have kids. Asian wives are very popular among Western men.

Popular Asian Online Dating Sites And Mail Order Brides Services In 2021

  • Most women come from Asian countries
  • Free sign up and some features
  • 24/7 support
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  • Live Support and Anti-Scam protection
  • The opportunity to meet Asian women in your area
  • Profile and pictures can be viewed for free
  • In-depth description of why you might be a good match
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  • Sign up is free
  • A huge number of users
  • Easy search tool
  • Sign up process is fast
  • It is very convenient to use site on a mobile device
  • Profile and photo browsing is free
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International dating vs mail order brides: what`s the difference?

Compared to the mail order brides sites, online or international dating is absolutely different. The majority of girls on the former ones are seeking for the serious relations and marriage, while the ladies on the later ones are interested in romantic affairs, flirting, and fun. That’s why everything depends on the aim of your communication — the chances to meet a necessary will be easier if you refer to the correct sites. The international daring platforms are great for discussing unpredictable topics, exchanging kisses, and making jokes, but not for love and finding partners for life! The choice of the platform type depends on the final goal every user wants to achieve. Online dating websites can fill your appetite for pleasure and joy, while mail order bride platforms assist with meeting potential wives and husbands for building trustworthy and long-term relationships. What exactly are you looking for?

Culture and traditions of mail-order Asian brides

When thinking about mail-order brides, lots of women’s nationalities come to mind. If your choice is Asian beauties, it is strongly advisable to know more about their peculiarities and their culture. An Asian bride is a woman who will always observe traditional values. It especially concerns the family. They love and respect their parents trying to help them even if they have to work hard. When those girls create their own family, they become very serious about the issue. As a result, they are not the type of women who are ready to get married just for money.

At the same time, Asian ladies have become closer to Western culture. They understand it very well and have very similar standards of beauty. The majority of them go to the gym to keep fit. They take care of themselves, which is why they have silk skin and gorgeous dark hair.

Asians are very moderate and think of a man as a leader of the family. An Asian wife will always respect and support you. What’s more, the social attitude towards marriages with foreigners is very positive. It is prestigious to become a wife of a man from the US or other countries. Note that the majority of Asians ladies are not ready to make love with you soon after your first meet. It is advisable to wait at least for the 3rd date. At the same time, they are usually goddesses in bed.

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Asian brides and their features

Definite features of the Asian mail-order wives greatly depend on the country. Consider the most popular ones and their features:

  • Vietnam. Girls from this country know how to please a man. They are full of love and joy. The women are known for impressive family values and extreme beauty (partially due to the magnificent manner they dress).
  • South Korea. These ladies have literally baby faces. However, their character is strong. They tend to follow Western trends but stay gentle and feminine. They are good loving wives and wonderful partners who are able to support.
  • Thailand. The girls are adored due to their exotic appearance and dedication to men. They are very seductive and are ready to do any type of work for you.
  • China. Those women are more common for Western men. They have all the features a loving mother and wife should possess. However, self-development and career are also important for them. That’s why they are additionally aimed at the education and prestigious job.
  • The Philippines. These women are just amazing. They have both enigmatic beauty and strong character. Their views on marriage and family are traditional. For them, a man is a leader. However, they are perfect partners able to give you support and help during the whole life.

How do mail-order Asian bride services work?

When you think about dating sites for people who want to get married, you may get confused. It is connected with a common misconception concerning the issue. Some people think that if you pay money, you buy a bride in Asia. It is not true. In fact, you pay to the agency providing you with comfortable and reliable services and not to the women you talk to. They do not get any money (until you send it to them yourself, which is not advisable).

The principle of a bride search is very simple and includes several steps:

  1. You find a reliable site
  2. Create a profile with your photos and description
  3. You start looking for girls in accordance with your requirements
  4. Select one or a few women to communicate with
  5. Find the one you are really interested in (and your attraction is mutual)
  6. Develop your relations and finally propose to her
  7. You get married and build your life together.

The algorithm seems simple but it does not mean that you will find your only one on the first website you open. Sometimes you will have to spend months speaking to various girls.

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Asian Mail order-bride statistics

There are people who do not believe in online dating and interracial marriages. However, various studies prove that such a system really works. Consider the statistical data to make certain:

  • Interracial marriages are stronger with the divorce rate lower than 20% compared to the US divorce rate totaling 40%
  • Over 95% of Asian girls accept men as a leader, so the families are more traditional
  • Asian ladies are more serious, which is why an average age of such mail-order brides is from 21 to 30 (it is also possible to find older women)
  • More than 80% of international marriages with Asians are successful.

The popularity of Asian brides

Eastern ladies are extremely popular among Western men. They have a magnetic appearance and wonderful character. Their features make them seductive and extremely attractive:

  • Diligence. The women from the East are very hard-working. In fact, the majority of them have a decent job. It proves that they are not aimed at money because they can make for their living. Moreover, they are not helpless creatures as they may seem.
  • Seriousness. Asians who register on mail-order bride sites are ready for the family creation. They know for sure what they want and look for a man to get married and probably have children.
  • Perfectionism. Asians are perfect housewives. Due to their upbringing, such girls do everything perfectly. Thus, get ready for the clean house, delicious food, and neat kids. In addition, they are very practical. Thus, if you marry an Asian woman, she will surprise you with the wise decisions.
  • Femininity. It is probably one of the greatest features of character. Being close to Western women, they managed to preserve their tenderness and softness. They are true ladies appreciating men’s support and care.

Another important thing is the orientation of Asian ladies to the family. Even striving for self-development, they have family in the first place and want to realize themselves as women.

Why should you use Asian dating sites for marriage?

If you are completely sure, it is an Asian girl you want to see beside you, it is better to use specialized agencies to find your love. The first reason for such a choice is that the database of such websites contains ladies with serious intentions. They already know what they want and look for a husband. All the intentions are described in their profiles.

Another thing is security. When you use plain dating sites of social networks (or even find an Asian at your locals), you cannot be sure she is the one. Many girls do not want serious relations. Moreover, you can even become a victim of scammers looking for your money. Mail-order bride websites have strict security measures. Identity verification is usually applied to make sure every profile is created by a real woman. There are also definite requirements the girls should meet. For example, too young girls are not usually accepted because they cannot be ready for a family.

One more important issue is professionalism. Experts working in mail-order bride agencies know their job and can assist you in the search of your only one. They additionally help with documents, translations, wedding organization, and other things. Thus, the process becomes easier for you.

5 Most popular countries to look for Asian women online

Asia includes 48 countries but there are states where Asian women are looking for husbands online more actively. If you want to increase chances of finding an Asian girl online, it`s better to search for women of the following origin:

  • Philippines. Local women are tired of lazy men and look for happy marriages abroad to avoid love triangles too.
  • China. Despite the fact that men outnumber women in this country dramatically, ladies don`t hurry to choose a partner among them. They`re more likely to stay young and happy for ages with foreigners.
  • Thailand. An example of many tourists to live a better life and poor life conditions encourage women to change their lives drastically and leave the country with a reliable partner.
  • Vietnam. Hard work isn`t for women and Vietnamese ladies try to avoid this perspective by looking for love online.
  • Japan. This country is famous for intelligent and ambitious ladies, though it`s possible to meet conservative beauties from rural areas too.

How much is it to buy an Asian bride?

There`s no sense in looking for exact prices in Asian brides online reviews since every situation is unique. Men should consider several important factors trying to calculate the cost of getting an Asian woman online.

  • Website services which are usually the most affordable part of the budget.
  • Gifts and flowers to impress her.
  • Trips to her native country and bringing her home.
  • Additional costs involved in trips: accomodation, meals, entertainment, translation etc.
  • Visa and other documents.
  • Wedding (optional).

When you meet Asian women online, date site services are the cheapest point on the list of future expenses since only flights to other countries take several thousand dollars. Consequently, the total cost of online Asian girls is estimated at the range between $3,000 and $20,000. However, you should remember that planning your budget you can avoid paying extra and will find a true love with an Oriental beauty.

Mail order brides pricing in detail

You know what Asian mail order brides cost depends on, but how much you pay on each dating step? Being genuinely interested in a fascinating romance with a belle from Asia, get ready to learn about possible bills in advance.

Participation cost

Top-rated and popular MOB sites can`t be for no cost, as they offer safe and effective solutions. Guys wanting to chat with cuties and send gifts have to pay. The perks cost depends on the websites and the credit package. It may vary from $9.99 to $149.99. On average, guys spend $100 on professional services, as there are not only credit packs but also premium subscriptions and other opportunities.


When your love is mutual and you want to see each other in real life, you start to look for flying tickets to the country of a soulmate. Tickets to Asian countries cost $500-800 for economy class. It depends on the gentleman whether he prefers comfort in everything, ready to spend more than $1000 on the ticket, or he doesn`t pay attention to little details. You can compare prices on different sites to choose the most profitable option. Also, small companies sell tickets at lower prices than world-famous ones.

Romantic tour

Some sites offer a Romantic tour for guys, including buying tickets, hotel booking, and other services. The minimum price for such a tour costs $3500. When a man decides to bring gifts to a gorgeous lady, this will also become an additional amount to the total price. The total sum may be higher when you choose additional services for your trip.


Arriving in a beloved country, you choose some hotel. Many countries have famous and reputable hotels with payment of $ 113 per night. Of course, there are also cheaper accommodations with no special bonuses like breakfast, pool, or jacuzzi which make the price higher. So, if you are not a fan of expensive rooms, but you`d rather support a small business than stay in such places. They will both save your money and you will feel closer to the local culture.

How much do you pay for bride`s documents?

How much does a mail order bride cost? Depends on the preparation of the documents.

  • You have to obtain a bride`s visa (K-1) for a foreign miss. Its price varies from $1200 to $5000.
  • The USCIS registration fee is $510 and the embassy commission is $265.
  • There are also variable costs including medical check-ups ($60-300), assistance, etc.

Hence, the average price for a legal belle`s arrival is $3,500.

What about the courtship prices?

How much does it cost for a man to conquer the hearts of a mail-order bride? This sum depends on your financial opportunities and a lady`s character. When she needs special attention, get prepared to spend up to $2,000 a month on pricey bouquets, jewelry, teddy bears, and perfumes. However, you can also spend as little as $50 a month if your miss prefers an emotional connection over material gifts. However, remember that giving gifts is a necessary thing. In many cultures, it means a guy values ​​his relationship and is serious about his soulmate. That`s why planning to bind a life with such a single, consider Asian mail order bride prices in planning a courtship budget. But marrying this alluring lady, you make sure she is worth all these costs and bills. Don`t be afraid of investing in your happy future!

Popular sites with Asian brides

Sometimes it’s hard to find a reliable resource. We offer a few sites, where you can find your other half not worrying about your security:

  • Asia Me is an online destination to meet elite Asian brides online. It has a large database of both verified and active girls. There are efficient communication tools, professional support, and an easy-to-use website interface with seasonal discounts for active users who are looking for Asian women.
  • Asian Beauty offers meaningful connections with Oriental women. There are thousands of young and attractive mail order Asian brides interested in communication with men. The platform offers a simple and extended search for getting the best matches as well as many extra services for making online dating more exciting.
  • AsianMelodies. There are several options available for free. The number and quality of the profiles are impressive. The interface is understandable. There are interesting additional options provided, for instance, flower delivery, translations, and others.


An Asian girl will become a perfect wife combining Western strength and Eastern tenderness.It`s a treasure every man wants to keep by him. Every Asian mail order bride is obedient and charming as well as oriented to family. These women inspire partners for new achievements and support them in every situation. The only question men ask is where to meet Asian women online? Now you know what platforms have the best selection of Asian single ladies and why it`s the most efficient way for finding a bride.Find your other half on one of the sites described and create a strong family.