Thai Mail Order Brides – Oases Of Calmness And Joy

Thai Mail Order Brides – Oases Of Calmness And Joy

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In the modern world, with its people being in a rush and becoming unfriendly, it’s a big dream to find a person near. A person who would be a breath of fresh air in this harsh world. And Thai brides are those who can teach others how to be happy and give happiness to others. This article describes the character and cultural norms of Thai brides and essential tips to know when dating them.

Character of Thai brides

Why do Thai mail order brides attract men that much? One part of the answer is their character. Let’s explore their traits.

They are tolerant

Asian girls online could compete with other countries regarding the level of tolerance. Perhaps, it’s because of the official religion – Buddhism that promotes patience and calm attitude to anything that happens on the earth. Thailand is the country where people of all nations, beliefs, and sexual orientations live peacefully. It’s one of the trump cards of Thai brides – their tolerance allows them to open their hearts to men of any origin.

They are sunny

People visiting4 Thailand describe it as the land of smiles. Thai people try to have a smile to everything occurring around them. They don’t stop smiling, even in stressful situations. It’s their manifest of the positive attitude to life and readiness to let love enter their hearts. Thai people also care about their souls, avoiding making them dirty. Thai brides are those who rarely have a lousy mood.

They are relaxed

The modern world’s characteristic is many people being in a rush and closing their souls from others’ eyes because of inner scars. This picture is the opposite for Thai people who leave the bad in the past and move on awaiting happy things to come into their life. They value every moment on the earth, especially a pleasant one. They know how to enjoy every second, without tension and rushing. Thai brides are oases of calmness and delight.

Culture of Thai brides

One of the keys to understanding a person is to take a close look at the culture of belonging. To get to know Thai mail order brides better, let’s discover the core concepts of their culture.

Sanuk (“joy”)

Sanuk is the effort to achieve satisfaction in any action and situation happening to a person. This principle isn’t about worldly benefits. It instead focuses on getting joy and pleasure from everything a person does. Thai people put playfulness and fun into routine works. When talking to people, they smile and laugh. Thai brides aim to receive happiness rather than material goods from life.

Mai Pen Rai (“it’s nothing”)

The concept of Mai Pen Rai has something in common with Hakuna Matata known from the famous movie “The Lion King.” This principle helps Thai people not to spend much time on negative emotions and situations. Instead, they dedicate themselves to enjoying life. Thai people have a positive attitude to life. Thai brides spread special positive fluids other people feel.

Bhun Khun (etiquette of relationships)

Hard to translate into English, Bhun Khun is something like a commitment to build good relationships. Also, it means a principle of reciprocity. If a person helped you, you should help him/her too. Thai people value relationships that bring happiness and joy to both parties. It’s seen in business and personal life. If you behave well to your Thai bride, be sure she will answer the same.

Important tips to know dating Thai mail order brides

  1. Don’t touch someone’s head. Try to avoid it happening by accident too. Thai people consider this gesture very offensive because the head is the most essential and holy body part.
  2. Don’t step on money. It might happen that you or another person dropped cash on the ground. In this case, be careful not to step on it. Money depicts the royal family, so stepping on money means stepping on the king and his relatives.
  3. Avoid criticizing the royal family. Thai people love the king’s family a lot, so you’d better avoid negative words not to provoke conflicts.
  4. Wait for an intimate place to kiss. Kissing in public isn’t welcome in Thailand. It’s better to find a place only you and your Thai bride will enjoy.
  5. Demonstrate calmness. Thai people don’t like being into conflicts and making their voices loud. They’ll appreciate it if you share these attitudes.

The bottom line

Thai mail order brides are rare diamonds in the modern world. Their positive attitude to life, open-mindedness, and calmness are fundamental to a happy marriage. Don’t miss a boat for a wonderful life together!