Chinese Wives – Shy And Devoted Women Every Man Wants

Chinese Wives – Shy And Devoted Women Every Man Wants

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Chinese mail order brides are a recent trend in the online dating market. Lonely men easily give up their sole status to marry these beauties. What is the character of Chinese nymphs? What are the values of Chinese culture? How to attract a Chinese bride? This article has all the answers.

Character of a Chinese wife

Which traits of Chinese wives’ character attract lonely men from all over the world? Let’s find out.

They are polite

Politeness is one of the most distinctive traits of the Chinese people. The concept of face is powerful in the Asian region. It means being decent in the eyes of other people. That’s why, Chinese people are very accurate in behaving. They avoid offending or creating any confusing situation for anybody. Some Chinese even hide their genuine emotions due to this rule. However, it’s not relevant to meet asian women online. Chinese nymphs are free to express their opinions but not violating others’ borders.

They are hard-working

Chinese people are used to working hard, sometimes even in childhood. The traditions, politics, and economy resulted in a harsh labor market. It all depends on the ability to work a lot. They are good at agriculture and technologies. Chinese teach children that nothing will come free; you should achieve it by labor. That’s why Chinese girls aren’t afraid of work. Chinese brides build successful careers if they want them.

They are devoted

Having healthy relationships based on honesty and trust is the idea given to Chinese children since birth. They are taught to help elders and assist other close people too. Family is significant for Chinese girls, so they won’t neglect it. They will put effort into keeping a relationship well. A fast divorce or adultery isn’t an option for them. Chinese girls are determined about their families.

Culture a Chinese bride comes from

Before getting close to a person of a different culture, you should know some core concepts that shape people’s lives. There are principles of Chinese culture essential to know.

Guanxi (“Helpful Relationships”)

Guanxi is a concept related to interpersonal interactions. This word is used to indicate relationships that can result in the exchange of some source benefiting all the sides. This principle makes Chinese people assist each other based on necessity and trust. Violating guanxi leads to a loss of face and honor. This concept also results in the creation of healthy families.

Filial piety

This concept comes from Confucianism, highlighting the importance of age in the societal structure. Based on age, the hierarchy is created. Older people should be treated respectfully due to their wisdom and experience. Such a concept has its reflection in respect inside a family. Young people adhere to rules and principles set by older generations. They spend much time caring for parents and grandparents.

Limao (“Courtesy”)

Chinese perception of courtesy depends on hierarchical relationships raised from Confucianism. These relationships are so natural and obvious that people don’t need to say words like “please,” “thanks,” etc. Some Chinese think that such words bring the feeling of official circumstances and formality. Thus, they don’t courtesy words towards family and friends. Don’t think Chinese people are rude – they are just part of a different culture.

Important tips for dating with a Chinese mail order wife

  1. Don’t be mad if your gift is refused. Strange for Western world Chinese tradition to refuse gifts confuses foreigners. Chinese people tend to decline the first offer and accept it after it is repeated several times. So, don’t let the sad mood stop you – just try to gift your girl several times.
  2. Be careful with compliments. Chinese people are used to refusing compliments. Accepting compliments might be considered a sign of vanity. Continue complimenting your Chinese girl together with an explanation of your real intentions.
  3. Don’t have prejudices to her culture. Chinese culture is unusual for foreigners. You’ll see geese instead of guard dogs, people spitting loudly everywhere, and full-face masks used on a beach. Enjoy the world’s diversity, and let new traditions amaze you.
  4. Be accurate with tips. While dating, men try to impress their girls by giving great tips to waiters. In China, it might be taken as an offense. So you’d better find other ways to surprise your lady.
  5. Gift her with matching outfits. Young Chinese generations like wearing matching outfits. It symbolizes unity and integrity. It would be a gift your Chinese girl will never forget.

The bottom line

You don’t need to travel to China immediately to meet a Chinese bride for marriage. You can do it online! Don’t miss a chance to meet the love of your life!