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Single Iranian Brides For Dating And Marriage: Their Reasons To Look For A Foreigner

Iran is full of great single Asian ladies, and many of them are trying to find a foreign husband. Why does it happen, and what are Iranian single women like?

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Why are Iranian brides looking for marriage abroad?

Iran is a country with rich culture, decent traditions, and strong religious beliefs. The role of women in building a prosperous society is huge but not every Iranian understands that. So what makes Iranian single women find love outside of the country?

High female unemployment rates

In many Asian countries, there’s a problem of female unemployment. Iran isn’t an exception. Over 17% of Iranian ladies don’t have a job. This may be because of religious and societal prejudices as most men think the main role of a woman is to serve a husband, raise kids, and look after the house.

Iranian women are subject to numerous limits and discriminations that don’t make them citizens with equal rights like men. For instance, an Iranian wife can’t get a passport and travel abroad without her husband’s written permission as other Asian mail order brides. Moreover, women’s body is usually objectified and some of its parts are considered too erotic so that they still need to cover most of it.

Restrictions and violence towards Iranian brides

Around 5% of married Iranian wives have experienced domestic violence in the recent years. And it’s not even criminalized! Many women also suffer from abuse just while walking down the street: they can “inappropriately” wear a hijab (i.e. it’s not covering the face properly), for instance. These are only few things Iranian brides are facing every day.

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What are the key traits of Iranian single women?

Sure, there are some qualities of Iranian mail order brides that don’t leave anyone indifferent. Despite all the troubles and limits imposed on them, Iranian brides still enjoy life and are great in many spheres.

Iranian mail order brides are humble

In Iran, it’s very hard to tell if a person is rich or poor, intelligent or not from the first sight. Iranian single women always act humble and will never show off if they’re from a wealthy family. Humbleness is a religious virtue that every Iranian has to follow.

Iranian single women are well-educated

Education for Iranian brides is obligatory. The government is paying lots of attention to it, that’s why over 90% of Iranian women are literate, both from rural and urban areas, and most of them obtain a higher education.

Iranian wives are rebellious and have a strong character

The Iranian regime had a serious impact on the perception of women there. Now Iranian single women are fighting against the objectification of their bodies, discrimination at work, and try to become equal members of society. They’re not feminine and are stronger than men who tend to be more sensitive and vulnerable in Iran.

Family is everything for an Iranian wife

Iranian society is collectivist, that’s why family and the needs of its members are more important than individual interests. Iranian brides aren’t that praised in a family, unlike guys that have more opportunities in life, although girls still try to take care of family members. Moreover, a family is the main indicator of the social status, so an Iranian bride is lucky if her family is well-educated and everyone there has a well-paid, respected job.

Wrapping up

You’ve got to know Iranian single women much better now. Try to put some theory into practice and be sure to find a perfect Iranian wife in a heartbeat. Good luck with that!

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