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Find An Indonesian Bride, What’re They Like And Online Dating Guide

Indonesian women for marriage are among the most relaxed and easy-going females in the world. Despite any life problems or tough times, you`ll always see an Indonesian bride with a wide, sincere smile. They`re energetic, generous, and extremely caring. Sounds like a perfect wife and mom recipe! Plus, they`re well educated and they try to learn foreign languages. While most of them speak English, you could learn some local phrases too.

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When it comes to serious commitment and marriage, Indonesian women are picky and may think a lot about who`s the perfect fit for her. So who would be perfect for Indinesian brides? It`s no surprise single Indonesian women love foreigners, especially Caucasians. They really get psyched accepting guests from the US or Europe. They`ll show you everything around, feed you, and even take to some local holiday or party once you`re around. But if you`re not planning on going to Indonesia now, online dating sites are your salvation. It`s pretty easy to find an Indonesian wife online since a lot of girls use dating services.

Why marry a foreigner? Well, Indonesia isn`t that rich. The opportunities for women are mostly limited in every field. They want to express themselves and show what they`re worth. To pursue this goal, Indonesian mail order wives want to marry a guy from abroad to get the lifetime chance to achieve something meanngful. Indonesian women don`t ask help from their husbands. They achieve everything on their own: from learning a new language to mastering a complicated skill and finding a nice job.

Even with all this in mind, you`ve got a long way down the road to explore more of these charming Indonesian women for marriage!

How are Indonesian women unique?

What sets them apart from women from Russia or Spain or Brazil? Sure they look different, but personality-wise, would you like her more than women from other countries? Here’s some facts about these girls:

Indonesian brides are timid

In Indonesia, the most PDA people are comfortable doing is hand holding. Your bride will feel uncomfortable hugging or kissing you in public because of how society is in the land she grew up in. It’s worth remembering that in Indonesia, women only date people to marry them. Short term relationships are a rarity. Her shyness will change as soon as she grows fond of you, because she’ll follow you around like a puppy then!

They always stay positive

Though Indonesia has one of the worst geographical locations on the planet, with lots of tsunamis and regular volcanic eruptions, Indonesian brides stay positive all the time. They aren`t inclined to be gloomy as they believe that cheerfulness helps to cope with all the difficulties nature gives them. Be sure your future spouse is optimistic and never loses hope.

Learn about ‘loss of face’ concept

Indonesian brides don’t like conflicts,so to create a harmonious family, learn about the cultural concept of ´loss of face.´ Local girls easily embarrass, and in their area, it`s impolite to embarrass someone. They avoid raising of voice and blaming, so consider it while communicating even online. Such a wife solves all the problems in private, and she never quarrels on the street. Selfish or emotional outbursts aren`t about her.

Girls in Indonesia may speak indirectly, so sometimes it`s hard to understand what they actually mean. Your girlfriend has over 10 ways to say no and many more ways to say ‘yes‘ when they mean ‘no.’ She just doesn`t want to hurt you or promise you something in case she isn`t convinced. But the closer you`re, the less complicated your interaction is. When you find out she cares about your feelings, you’ll realize she definitely deserves to be loved.

They take pride in their heritage

This is one reason why you should learn exactly where your Indonesian mail order bride is from. You can’t mix up Aceh, Java, Bali, or Sumba because the ladies of each region are different, and your bride will take offense to that!

These are some other facts that are worth keeping in mind about Indonesian brides:

  1. They’re pretty. Not the ‘oh, she looks nice’ kind of pretty. The kind that makes you stop in your tracks and you have to remember to breathe manually because she has quite literally stolen your breath. That kind of pretty. With her petite body, nightingale voice and the face of an angel, can you blame her for breaking hearts?
  2. There’s not enough emphasis on how much these girls love their food. Be it satay, fried rice, nasi rawon or sop buntut, she’s gonna cook up a storm in your house. You’ll have your own corner of Indonesian cuisine right by your side!

Secrets of Indonesian mail order brides

Many Indonesian women hurry to become brides since they don`t want to depend on their parents. But it`s challenging for them to find reliable partners from their circle of communication. Western men can be perfect matches for these girls, however, they don`t know much about Indonesian babes. If you admit the possibility of marrying an Indonesian woman, you should definitely learn more about her, and these secrets may give you a good understanding of these attractive and intelligent cuties.

  • These are girls who decide whom to marry listening only to their hearts.
  • They`re great homemakers and cooks who don`t mind spending time in the kitchen and doing household chores.
  • Ladies from the Isle countries can be divided into two categories: party makers (the minority) and conservative and obedient ones (the majority).
  • Indonesian girls prefer to be led by strong and smart men, so they would easily give up a job to care about a family with a reliable shoulder beside them.
  • Over 23 million Indonesians speak English fluently, so chances to face language barrier are low.
  • Girls put much effort and energy to look dolled up and make men turn their heads when they`re passing by.
  • Young age isn`t an obstacle for marriage since girls are prepared for family life since childhood.

Reasons for Indonesian singles to become mail order brides

Traditions dictated Indonesian women to obey their husbands for centuries. Even nowadays girls often suffer from the epidemic of domestic violence. In areas from the economy to social justice, women remain disadvantaged even despite years of independence, and girls have to agree with underage marriage because of strict Islamic laws. These are the main reasons why Indonesian brides don`t hurry to look for partners in their native countries and decide to search for care and honor abroad.

indonesian mail order wife

How to flirt with Indonesian women for marriage?

Starting relationships seem challenging if you`re not aware of the cultural peculiarities of the woman you like. However, if you`re next in the line to win the hearts of Indonesian brides for sale, consider the following procedure.

  • Get to know each other: initiate the conversation, ask little things about her, and be yourself to get a general picture about each other.
  • Hint her at your serious intentions: use native love idioms like cinta abadi (endless love), sayang (my dear), or bidadariku (my angel) towards her.
  • Avoid pressure on her: raised in the Islamic society, some women can`t hold men by hand in public and express their affection, so you should be patient.
  • Show your romanticism: Indonesian girls lack pleasant emotions and would appreciate gifts, flowers, and other ways of expressing attention from men`s side.
  • Tell compliments to her: these girls aren`t fond of their dark skin, so your encouragement and pleasant words will give her a feeling of being beautiful.

How to communicate in person with Indonesian brides?

If you have serious intentions and want to become her foreign beloved, be ready for a so-called ‘small talk.’ It`s the first thing that surprises and may confuse people from abroad. When you arrive in Indonesia, you can get many questions from locals or your prospective spouse. They may be like that:

  • Dari mana? (Where do you come from?)
  • Mau kemana? (Where are you going?)
  • Tinggal dimana? (Where are you staying?)
  • Jalan sendiri? (Are you travelling alone?)
  • Sudah kawin? (Are you married?)
  • Anak-anak ada? (Do you have children?)

You can consider these questions intrusive, but it`s just a tradition to greet politely every newcomer with an expression of interest. Probably, some of these questions you can hear from your future girlfriend, but don`t take them as part of an interview. There`s no need to tell a long story about your life, as a brief answer with a warm smile is an adequate reply in Indonesia. During the interaction with an Indonesian girl looking for marriage, you can ask several questions in return.

What do Indonesian women expect from their husbands?

Can’t get a pretty girl unless you’re an attractive man. Here are some ways for you to make yourself attractive to Indonesian gals:

Show her how serious you are about her

Indonesian women only date someone that they want to marry. She’ll appreciate you being vocal about your relationship with her, and she’ll know that you’re not wasting her time. In Indonesia, women are pressured by society to get married in their early 20s. If you find an Indonesian wife in her late 20s, she’ll want to seal the deal quick. Be open with her and tell her exactly what your intentions are, and she’ll love you all the more for it.

Keep in touch with her culture

If you, a foreign man, can get your Indonesian bride a kebaya, she’ll swoon. If for some reason you can’t get your hands on a kebaya, you should know that Indonesian wives are suckers for fancy clothing materials! If you get her clothing made of silk with embroidered floral patterns or a brocade, you’ll make her week.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for Asian girls to date, an Indonesian wife is a great first choice! Sure, she’s shy in the beginning. Once you get to know her though, she is passion unbridled, and you’ll wonder how someone so tiny can contain so much affection!

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