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Dating and Marriage With A Single Pakistani Bride: Is it Worth it?

If you’re eager to find an Asian bride but don’t want a Chinese, Korean, or Japanese one, try Pakistani mail order brides! In this article, you’ll read about their main virtues and what’s it like to be a Pakistani bride. Let’s go!

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What is the life of Pakistani mail order brides?

Pakistan is a developing country and its economy is going to recover and rise in 2021, but women there still undergo significant discrimination. Still, this doesn’t prevent them from getting a higher education, learning traditional crafts, and being great wives and mothers. What are the peculiarities of the life of Pakistani mail order brides?

Pakistani brides are considered to get married by age 25. After that, it becomes “too late” and the families begin to worry. To protect themselves from living without grandchildren, parents usually arrange a marriage for their daughters and sons. It’s still very popular: around 80% of marriages in Pakistan are arranged. Still, it’s not the best option as usually, spouses don’t know each other and have to get married to complete strangers.

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Pakistani brides still undergo gender segregation

This may not be a popular fact but many Pakistani women from rural areas live without a National Identity Card. This means they’re unable to vote, get a driving license, or get a bank account. Since Pakistan is a patriarchal country, women are considered submissives that have to stay at home and look after the kids, not having the basic right to do anything.

Pakistani mail order brides are more educated and progressive

Although the female literacy rate in Pakistan is not the highest in the world, it’s gradually improving year after year. Nowadays, around 47% of Pakistani brides are literate. Most of them obtain higher education and know English. That will help you cope with language barriers much faster.

What are the main virtues of Pakistani brides for marriage?

Although Pakistani brides are still under gender and religious pressure, they’re still very loveable, friendly, and caring. Let’s see what traits of Pakistani brides are the most valuable among foreigners!

Pakistani mail order brides are super-hospitable

In Pakistan, hospitality is the part of Pashtunwali or the Explicit Code of Honor. Pakistani brides treat every guest with the highest respect. To do this properly, they clean all the house and cook as many traditional dishes as possible. Chicken karahi, halwa puri, kebabs, raitas, and fruit lassis? It’s just the beginning!

Pakistani mail order brides are crafty

It’s true that Pakistani brides always work hard and try to provide for the family, but what about leisure? It’’ not only about hanging out with friends and family — it’s also traditional crafts that you may not find anywhere else! Have you heard of brass and copper, khussa, ajrak, and camel lamps? Pakistani brides can teach you all!

Pakistani brides for marriage are happy and content with life

Almost all Pakistani women are scientifically claimed to be happy: 74% of them are satisfied with their lives, especially those who are in a relationship. Pakistani brides usually look and are happy because they’re grateful for the gift of life and what it has given them. That’s why Pakistanis love holidays and celebrate life in different ways. Try Bassant, Utchal, Festival of lamps, and many more!

Wrapping up

Now you know a bit more about precious Pakistani mail order brides. Good luck in finding your perfect Pakistani wife and starting a new life chapter!

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