How To Get A Korean Girl To Like You: 5 Pieces Of Advice To Succeed
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How To Get A Korean Girl To Like You: 5 Pieces Of Advice To Succeed

Finding a Korean girlfriend has become a desire of many foreign males since these women are unique, strong-willed, but at the same time loving and caring. However, a difference in mentality and cultural peculiarities resulted in men’s unawareness of how to attract Korean girls and recognize mutual feelings in behavior, features, and messages from a Korean girlfriend. This piece is a trusted guide for males looking for a Korean girlfriend with exclusive facts about single Korean girls to make international dating smooth and exciting!

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What are Korean women like: 3 amazing features

Males open lots of Korean amazing traits and characteristics when dating Korean girls. What can you expect to see in your potential Korean bride? Here are the top 3 features to memorize:

  • Fragile: an innocent soul of Korean ladies reminds of the thinnest crystal that can be easily broken with rude attitude, cold, and lies. So it’s crucial to treat them like the most delicate flower.
  • Headstrong: the necessity to take equal positions in society made Korean women true warriors on the battlefield. Many ladies are courageous and uncompromising on the way to their goals, so these girls deserve to be honored and respected.
  • Committed: Korean women are raised with the opinion about submission to males they marry. Therefore, they become obedient, loyal, and nurturing partners supporting their husbands. The degree of submission can be so high that some wives commit suicide when their husbands die. 

As you can see, it’s a real jackpot to meet a Korean mail order bride and make her a proposal, so don’t lose your lucky chance to find a Korean girlfriend too!

Tips on how to attract Korean girl

It’s not surprising to see males willing to know how to get a Korean girlfriend online, since a trip to this country doesn’t guarantee 100% success. Therefore, these tips will do a big favor to everyone searching for a bride on the web:

  • Make her proud of having such a partner: every lady wants to attract envious glances of others. So try to look neat and stylish, give luxurious bouquets of flowers, pick up her in a luxurious car, and she’ll appreciate that;
  • Let her decide when it’s possible: always ask about her tastes, what food she wants in the restaurant, or what movie she’ll choose for joint watching;
  • Prove you’re not a womanizer: the majority of foreigners are considered players, so demonstrating your serious intentions make change Korean woman’s viewpoint about you;
  • Show your intelligence and wit: three quarters of ladies living in Korea have a university education, and they expect their partners to be high-minded as well;
  • Learn a new skill for your Korean beloved: whether this is her native language, cycling, or dancing skills, you should find out what she likes and share her favorite activity even if it’s a new experience for you.

These examples of dating a Korean girl advice can help every man win the affection of an Asian single woman of his dreams.

How to know if a Korean girl likes you?

Now when you know how to date a Korean girl and win her heart, it’s important to clarify if it’s not a zero-sum game. Check the following signs to understand if a Korean girl likes you:

  • She invites you for a meeting: a date can be disguised for a business meeting, but she won’t lose a chance to make the first step;
  • She shares her true emotions with you: Korean women never mind sharing feelings with people they trust and like. Sometimes, they may even confess in love if they feel it;
  • She responds to messages instantly: a girl adores you if she never delays texting and keeps her phone beside all the time waiting for the next email from you;
  • She asks lots of questions: a desire to learn more about a person confirms a lady’s readiness to enter the relationship with this man;
  • She flakes you out but calls the next day: though this behavior seems strange, Korean women can show their feelings in this way too. Don’t be surprised if your object of affection doesn’t turn up for a romantic eve; she’ll find an excuse and explain it tomorrow!

Final words

How to get a Korean girl to like you? This question comes across the minds of lots of foreigners who are attracted to submissive Asian women. However, now it’s no longer a problem since you know not only how to steal the heart of a Korean lady but also recognize her affection towards you.

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