Marrying A Balinese Girlfriend: Main Reasons And Top Tips For Bali Dating
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Marrying A Balinese Girlfriend: Main Reasons And Top Tips For Bali Dating

Dating Indonesian women is like a beach resort in Bali—full of warmth, fun, and all other positive emotions. Having a Bali girlfriend is totally cool! She`s always laid back enough not to panic or get angry out of nothing. Balinese women have already gone through tough times in the past. That`s why they take everything much easier and decide to go with the flow. But that`s just the beginning of the story. Girls from Bali and all over Indonesia are much more than just a relaxed attitude and cheerful vibes. They`re also skilled, smart, and definitely really sporty—surfing, swimming, and beach volleyball are some of their favorite pastimes.

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Why would Balinese women want to marry foreigners? They`re more serious and successful, for starters. They know how to behave in public and dress well. Indonesian women used to get married to local guys, but now it`s just a declining trend. Balinese women want more independence and opportunities for self-growth. And that`s what they`ll get if they move somewhere abroad with a sophisticated big-city man.

And yes, don`t be too late to propose! On Bali, dating for local girls means going out to different parties, hanging out at cafes or on the beach, but they obviously crave something more serious. If you have a young Bali girlfriend, beware she`ll want to get married early too—ancient traditions can`t just disappear. But if you`re ready for this, it`s time to get to know Indonesian women a bit better.

Being known as “The Island of the Gods,” Bali attracts many foreigners not only with marvelous tourist places. Arriving there, you`ll be amazed by the local culture, romantic sunsets, rituals, exotic beaches, and local people. But the most appealing feature of this island is gorgeous ladies with curvy figures and sun-kissed skin. If you`re a foreign guy after 30 who wants to get acquainted with a lonely girl, this article is for you. Learn more cultural peculiarities of these females, their traits, and customs to become closer to the lady of your fantasies.

Balinese women: What are they?

Local ladies charm you with their smile

As the majority of local people here are Hindu, these ladies are open to other nationalities and cultures. They consider smiles to be the best invention in the world for interaction. Even if your lady disagrees with you, she`ll keep calm and behave politely. You`ll notice that people from Bali laugh rather than argue with you. It means that your future beloved doesn`t like quarrels and does all her best to avoid stress and pressure in the relationship. Isn’t it cool?

Their beliefs can surprise you

For Balinese girls, usual things can have special energy and meaning. They`re serious about colors, numbers, syllables, and temples, so don`t joke about it. While people you know tend to believe that we`re born with a blank slate, your foreign beloved has the opposite mindset. To her mind, we`re born with debts that we must pay off throughout our lives. In their culture, people have to live with love in their hearts and devotion to others.

They take dating seriously

Ladies from this island aren`t searching for a one-night stand. Dating such a girl, don`t expect that you’ll get everything you dream about on your first meeting. Your foreign beloved can like and respect you, but she isn`t used to having intimacy too fast. Be ready to face some boundaries before getting physical contact.

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Money doesn`t matter

Compared to other sides of Indonesia, Bali is a wealthy region. While most families in tourist areas live modest lives, the average wage is around $210 per month. Locals never make enough money to travel to another country, but despite this, females here aren`t money-hungry. They value foreign men’s personal traits and ability to maintain harmonious relationships.

Where to find girls in Bali for dating?

This country has a tempting nightlife and different open places where you can meet charismatic local goddesses during the day. There are many venues for surfers, yoga classes, and diving, which are popular among girls here. Also, they`re fond of live music, and if you want to find a single in Bali, go to Sanur or Denpasar that has become the most popular destination for them. Enjoy different cover bands, karaoke, and delicious cocktails while dancing with the most charming ladies.

The most famous clubs in Kuta in Bali are Sky Garden (at Jl. Raya Legian 61), Lxxy (at Jl. Raya Legian 71), and Engine Room (at Jl. Legian 66). If you`re searching for fascinating nightlife and meetings with local girls in Seminyak, don`t forget to visit such clubs as Mirror (at Jl. Petitenget 106), Jenja (at Jl. Nakula 18 in Townsquare Suites), and OPIVM (at Jl. Dhyana Pura 7).

How to find a future wife from Bali online?

Many foreign guys in their 30`s and older rely on top-rated and popular dating services that have deserved high respect among singles across the globe. With the help of simple interface, convenient communication tools, and effective pairing systems, they allow connecting with lonely ladies from Bali whenever you want. You have just to register on a site, complete your account page, and be active. Flexible search filters let finding a single according to your preferences and chatting with her.

You`ll forget about the distance and cultural differences! Using the information for this article, you can conquer the heart of a Balinese lady you like, so don`t be shy and go ahead!

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