North Korea Date: Local Tips And Tricks To Land A North Korean Girl
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North Korea Date: Local Tips And Tricks To Land A North Korean Girl

Interested in a North Korean beauty? Whether you want her as a girlfriend or for marriage, you`ll need to learn about how dating in North Korea works. These ladies are raised differently from their Western counterparts. American women will fall for your smooth talk, but it won`t work with North Korean girls. It`s a whole different ballpark, and this article is going to give you the insider scoop on how to make your way into their hearts.

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A date in North Korea isn`t a trivial thing. Folks in North Korea take their relationships seriously, and you won`t find any girls eager for one night stands or friends with benefits type setups. If you wanna know the way into a North Korean girl`s heart, it`s through perseverance and loyalty. The people in North Korea lead tough lives. If you wanna be deemed worthy of their love and attention, you need to prove that you aren`t gonna flake. Show that you`re the kind of man who can be the dependable foundation a woman needs, and she`ll start falling for you.
The key thing to remember when you`re dating a North Korean girl is that the man always pays on the first date and to not get handsy right away, especially on the first date. North Korean women like to take it slow with physical affection. That said, don`t take it slow when it comes to giving them a call or a text after your first date. You might think you`re playing it safe by keeping it casual, but the ladies will think you don`t care about them!
This is just the beginning. By the time you`re through with this article, you`ll be a master of dating in North Korea, and all the ladies will be throwing themselves at your feet.

Shortly about the North Korean dating customs

When we speak about romantic relationships and intimacy, citizens of this country tend to be incredibly conservative. Romances and meetings are forbidden on university campuses, that’s why a lot of young ladies and guys find other places for meetings. They go to restaurants, to supermarkets, or visit a nearby mountain trail, riverside, or beach. For this reason, multiple social clubs and dance parties are popular among young couples. Males in this country go to the military for ten years after high school, so a huge amount of romances appear in the late twenties. Sometimes couples have blind dates via friends and relatives. Local females don’t marry early, so you have many chances to find the best girl to your taste!

Where couples from North Korea have dates?

In spite of strict social rules and traditions, men and women find comfortable places for having a fun time. They meet at clubs, home parties, parks, in nature, or around the market. When somebody’s parents are out of the city, teenagers invite their friends and manage the parties. But if a couple wants to have more privacy, they can face some problems. Keep in mind that many local girls live with parents until the marriage.

What about the marriages in North Korea?

In case if a female is still lonely by the age of 20s, she’s considered spinsters. As usual, most local females find their husbands between the ages of 21 and 24. In their motherland, where employment is required for all citizens, married females are free from mandatory work. They can be housekeepers for their men instead of working.

Many matrimonies are arranged by parents here. While the North Korean dating customs remain conservative, modern singles are inclined to have a progressive mindset about romances and marriages. Today, more and more people go on dates of their choice without the pressure of relatives. If you fall in love with one of the local females, you can not wait for her parents’ permission.

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The ‘three-day rule’ doesn’t work in North Korean girls dating

If you have a girlfriend from a country other than Korea, you know about the ‘three-day rule,’ or the rule that you shouldn’t reach out to someone you’re newly interested in via text or phone call for at least 3 solid days after getting their phone number. When it comes to this country, you should forget about this principle. Pretty Asian ladies tend to be glued to their mobile phones and chat via instant messengers always, so if you don’t answer your potential partner during the day she can take it as you aren’t interested in the relationships with her.

North Korean females like anniversaries

People from this part of the planet like to have celebrities. In a dating culture in North Korea, local couples celebrate in 100-day increments counting from the first day of their date — at 100 days, 200, 300, 500, and 1,000 days. When we speak about teens, they even celebrate their 22nd day together. If you wanna have a long-term romantic affair with one of these ladies, you have to take this tradition seriously even if it seems a bit infantile.

Korean girls are often online

If you wonder how to date a Korean woman, you can expect you to communicate every single day. In her country, free Wi-Fi is everywhere, and most local people have phones come with unlimited communication packages. It’s a usual thing when your girlfriend maintains contact with you throughout the day or wants to know what you do at a certain moment. It isn’t an attempt to control you, it’s just a way to show her feelings.

To sum up

Having a romance with a lady from this country is incredibly exciting for foreign guys. Knowing several principles of dating culture in North Korea help you to create harmonious relationships and avoid misunderstanding. Try to get acquainted with one of these cuties and you won’t regret it!

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