Indian Women Vs American Men: What’s Special In Such Relationships
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Indian Women Vs American Men: What’s Special In Such Relationships

Have you ever seen Indian women dating white men? Undoubtedly. People are highly attracted to their opposites and look for exotic experiences. No wonder why western guys don’t lose a chance of dating single Indian girls and try to attract them even despite a huge distance. But are Indian women really looking for white men or do they mainly prefer to marry Asians? Let’s find out the answer to this question and learn what makes single Indian women dating special.

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Do Indian women like American men?

It’s not surprising to see an average girl in India who joins popular dating platforms and becomes an Indian mail order bride to find a partner abroad. Though they don’t set strict filters for the origin of the potential husbands, the majority still dream about light blue-eyed guys with tall masculine bodies and a promising future.

Who fits this description the best? Naturally, Americans and other western males. So do Indian women date white men? Undoubtedly, they like US and European males very much and dream about their attention.

Why do Indian girls like white guys?

Americans are known as decent partners, and that’s why an Indian girl seeks dating American guy. But it’s not the only reason why ladies consider these males adorable. There are several more things for that:

  • Appearance and image: western guys look like superheroes for women from India. They have a light skin shade, the amazing marine shade of eye color, and great body curves that make them look like Gods. They’re often associated with images of ideal males depicted in Hollywood movies;
  • Beautiful courtship: unlike Indian males, men from western countries know how to impress a woman. They show care and appreciate a girl’s efforts put for her partner’s benefit;
  • Intelligence and ambitions: US gentlemen strive to succeed in life and build careers to provide their families with stability and comfort;
  • Loyalty and family values: a western man who has found a woman for marriage is faithful and loving to preserve the family and show an example of good relationships to kids.

These motives prove that there’s nothing surprising that almost every Indian woman registered online wants to marry a white guy.

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How to date an Indian woman: tips for white guys

The main thing that encourages western males to find Asian mail order bride in India is the unmatched beauty of these girls. Single Indian girls look gorgeous, but is it easy to get this prey for a man of another race? Consider these tips, and you’ll enjoy dating an Indian bride.

  • Be patient and respect local traditions and culture: being next to an Indian woman may remind an adventure at the beginning since you’ll learn lots of new interesting things and rituals that may seem strange;
  • Get ready to use the word “HOT” but not to describe women: local cuisine is incredibly spicy. So no matter what you try: naan, pooris, or dosas, make a sip of water not to seem weak for a girl. Don’t order beef as well since cows are sacred animals in India;
  • Prepare for meeting her family: Indian parents have a right to put a veto if a suitor doesn’t meet their expectations;
  • Learning Indian may play a trick with you: there are so many dialects that your beloved may not understand you even if you speak her native language;
  • Avoid giving advice to your Indian girlfriend: she has her own viewpoint on many things, so be careful with convincing her to change makeup or outfit;
  • Accept her refusals: when Indian women say “no” to American men, it’s not a game, and you should admit that not to drive a girl mad;
  • Never hint at her lack of education or simplicity: these ladies don’t give anyone the right to offend them or doubt their benefits. 


It’s a widely known fact that Indian women have a passion for white males, especially Americans. And this is mutual, as western men are conquered by the beauty of Indian brides and try to attract them. These tips will help every foreigner to pave the way to the heart of an Indian princess, so get armed and start your battle for love!

Mike PickupAlpha
Mike is an Asian American relationship expert with years of experience. He’s one of our most valued authors who has a unique perspective on dating and marrying Asian women. Read more of his pieces to learn what girls from China, Japan, and other countries are like and how to start a healthy, fulfilling relationship with any of them.

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