Get A Japanese Mail Order Wife: What`s The Appeal Of Japanese Girls?
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Get A Japanese Mail Order Wife: What`s The Appeal Of Japanese Girls?

Western guys have been obsessing over mail order Japanese brides for decades now. They inherently possess the qualities every traditional family man hopes to find in a girl he wants to make his wife, and they`re gorgeous to boot. Japanese mail order brides are soft spoken and subservient. They`ll cherish and adore their husbands in every situation. They are compassionate and understanding, as well as extremely patient. You won`t ever have a loud argument with a mail order Japanese bride.

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Recently it`s become easier for Western men to find a Japanese wife. This is driven by Japanese men not proving to be enough for these ladies, or the lack of lucrative job prospects within Japan. It`s easy to meet Japanese women online through the dating sites recommended in this article. Here, you could find your potential Japanese wife. There are also many different kinds of mail order brides from Japan, based on what type of person they are.

Remember to keep in touch with their culture. It`s different from the West, and you need to respect that when you`re going out with your mail order Japanese bride. Public displays of affection aren`t acceptable and there are different rules for dining, and never be late unless you want to extremely offend your date. After all, you don`t want to embarrass your Japanese mail order wife in public.

To win the hearts of Japan mail order brides, you need to be upfront and honest about what kind of relationship you want. They value and admire men who don`t beat around the bush and aren`t shy about taking what they want. If you`re sure that you want a Japanese woman to be by your side for the rest of your life, being a trustworthy shoulder to lean on and the rock of your family, this is the place for you to start your search.

Don`t you know which platform to choose? Your dream to have a Japanese mail order wife can easily come true if you opt for trusted and popular dating sites with a focus on serious relationships and a wide selection of Asian ladies online. Undoubtedly, these are platforms that not only promote communication and fun but also assist single people in their desires to meet soulmates, even if they`re from other countries. These top 5 mail order sites guarantee the best male to female ratio and the most unforgettable experience to every male in search of an Oriental match!

Character of Japanese brides

Japanese mail brides are known as desirable partners for international dating and family life. Thanks to a great number of positive character traits, they become perfect girlfriends and spouses. Guys across the globe dream of finding a soulmate among them, as they find Japanese singles:

  • Genuinely smart
  • Incredibly educated
  • Family-focused
  • Reliable
  • Polite and well-mannered

These basic characteristics are favorite among love-seekers, as it`s hard to discover such a marvelous combination in women from other nationalities.

What is the inner world of Japanese mail order girlfriend? Let’s find out their traits of character.

They are modest

Modesty and politeness are fundamental traits of the modern Asian mail order bride. The humble and quiet girl – that’s how the world sees a Japanese mail order bride. And this picture is real. Japanesse brides mind etiquette and other people’s feelings. They don’t like to confuse others and choose to be in line with behavior rules. Also, Japanese girls know how to be happy with the smallest things.

Japanese mail order wife are determined

One of the brightest Japanise brides` traits of character is determination. These people think all the goals can be reached by constant work and tenacity. Young Japanese girls apply this principle to build the life they want. Mail order Japanese brides achieve high job positions, levels of self-development, and other non-material targets. If Japanese girls make a choice, it’s no chance they will change it.

japan women for marriage

They are modern but traditional

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the Asian region. This state tries to use and produce the newest attitudes and technologies. This trend finds its reflection in people’s image. Young Japanese women are progressive ladies with good education, knowledge of English, and contemporary life plans. Along with that, they follow the traditions, viewing them as a source of wisdom and inspiration.

Secrets of a striking look of Japan brides

When guys meet Japanese women online, they get convinced these girls aren`t only family-focused and interesting personalities but also amazingly gorgeous. What do they look like? What features make men fly a thousand miles to see them in real life?

Inherited natural beauty

Mail order brides from Japan amaze men with an exotic appearance. Guys who`re keen on dark eyes and hair, slim figures, and white smiles find in these ladies everything they lacked in other women. Women come in different skin tones, but basically, they have olive or smooth sun-kissed skin. Their faces are cute due to a few childish features. Perhaps, a beloved has a small nose, gorgeous smile, and high cheekbones. Thanks to great genetics, she stays fit, healthy, and seductive at all ages. In Japan, even older women are skinny and attractive like young girls. Such a partner always lights a man`s fire, staying passionate and beautiful. Choosing a mail order Japanese bride, you get an incredibly gorgeous wife with special features making other guys crazy.

Special wearing style

Although these ladies follow the Western wearing style, foreigners can meet Japanese women in their traditional kimono at some cultural events or celebrations. It`s an important piece of local culture, so every single knows how to wear it. Regardless of the woman`s status in society, she always looks amazing in this outfit. Besides it, such a girlfriend chooses the most appropriate outfit for each meeting. Viewing her, only one idea arises in the man`s head — I want to date a Japanese girl! Obviously, you`re one of those guys. Get acquainted with one of these singles and get a stylish girlfriend putting a spell on you with her image.

Culture a Japanese bride comes from

When dating a person of another culture, it’s good to know the core concepts of it. There are some concepts essential to understanding Japanese culture.


Harmony could be named a national philosophy in Japan. It affects all life spheres and implies behavior in various contexts. Following harmony rules also means an emphasis on modest and gentle interpersonal relations. Japanese people are afraid to offend someone or ruin a relationship. So they put effort into keeping relationships pleasant and stable. Sometimes this attitude determines to avoid telling about something disturbing strictly.

Omoiyari (“to notice and think of others”)

Omoiyari is the concept taught to children since early childhood. This rule means to think of others and notice their needs. Japan possesses a collectivistic culture. Groups are more important than individuals, and the group approach is more appreciated than individualistic. It doesn’t imply losing personal identity. It signifies care about people around.

Gaman (“enduring”)

Patience (endurance) is a crucial concept to understand Japanese life. Since school, children have been taught that persistence is far more important than an innate ability to achieve goals. Together with the concept of harmony, the calm and non-conflict behavior of the Japanese becomes clearer. Japanese are persistent in accomplishing their objectives. This principle implies hard work on the relationship between the two.

Types of Japanese girls for marriage

Japan mail order brides usually categorize others and themselves based on some common traits. They do it not to be alone but belong to a social group.This is important for them. That`s why you need to come across some special terms on types of Japanese brides.

  • Age-man. This is a term for a Japanese bride who brings good luck to her partner. She motivates him to achieve success and supports under any circumstances.
  • Bari-kyari. In other words, it`s a career woman who works hard and can sacrifice her personal life to career prospects.
  • Yuru-kyari. This lady prefers not to work at all, but raise her family, devote time to hobbies and personal life.
  • Nikushoku-joshii. This Japan mail order bride isn`t afraid of taking up the running a relationship. She can easily make the first step and tell a man about her affection.
  • Himono-onna. It`s about a girl who isn`t looking for a partner and feels comfortable spending most time at home alone.
  • Minato-ku joshi. This mail order bride from Japan wants to have a luxury lifestyle and looks for a man who can afford it.

Why Japanese mail order brides prefer foreigners?

Japanese singles women become mail order brides to meet a foreign partner and leave their native country. This decision is induced by their value of life at home.

Unequal population

Female population of Japan is almost 65 million, as compared to 61.5 million men. Such a proportion presupposes that more than 3 million women can`t find partners at homeland.

Financial difficulties

Often Japanese women for marriage lack money , even if they have more than one job. The reason is the high cost of living in the country and no support from anyone.

Gender discrimination

Ladies from Japan claim their society is ignoring women, even in hard times. No one helps Japanese brides to cope with problems like domestic violence that lead to the high rate of suicides, as females aren`t able to bear it. In October 2020 suicides among women rose almost 83% compared to the same month the previous year.

Important to know when finding a Japanese wife online

  1. Watch the side you’re walking on. In Japan, walking is under specific unspoken rules. Pedestrians walk on the left side, contrary to the right side in the West world. There’s also a rule on escalators. People should walk on their right and stand on their left. If you make a mistake, you’re at the risk of being moved by the dense move of other people.
  2. Don’t cross legs when sitting. In Japan, this gesture is rude. The traditional way is sitting on the knees on the floor. However, in modern times, sitting on a chair is reasonable too.
  3. Don’t be late. Unlike other Asian countries, Japan is an exception because of adhering to the time rules. They don’t like to be late and put effort into being on time. They mind arrangements. So don’t let your Japanese girl wait for you too much.
  4. Mind tactile contact. In the Western world, physical touching is a sign of good mood and fellow feeling. In the Asian region, such gestures are strange. If you do them, you’ll look weird for local inhabitants. Japanese people usually bow to greet each other. Also, they don’t use handshakes and cheek kisses.
  5. Be careful with describing sex. In Japanese culture, naming genitals by their actual name is inappropriate. Instead, Japanese people say “asoko” (“there”). This strong taboo is reflected in censure. All the public media pieces, including intimate videos, blur those organs, and use euphemisms to describe them.

How to get prepared for meeting with a Japan mail order bride?

To make an ideal first impression on a date with a Japanese woman for marriage, be yourself, stay honest in communication, and show your serious plans. Think of what you`ll talk about, remember some funny or exciting stories from life, including trips or education. What else a foreigner should do to get a Japanese woman interested in dating a man from abroad? Follow the next tips:

  • Choose an ideal location for the first meeting in advance. Also, you may book the places. It`ll show her you know how to plan and organize everything.
  • Talking about your past and future intentions, be sincere with a Japanese mail order girlfriend. Remember that her society is straightforward and honest, and it`s one of the most valuable traits for women.
  • Be punctual going on a date. The majority of ladies in Japan come on time, so being late they consider a sign of disrespect.

The bottom line

Japan bride is shy, goal-oriented, and persistent girls are exactly what a man wants his wife to be! Don’t wait too much and meet your Japanese love online!

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