Marrying A Japanese Girl – The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

Marrying A Japanese Girl – The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

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Japanese mail order brides are popular in the online dating market. Lonely men adore those nymphs for exceptional character and values. This article describes traits of character and cultural concepts inherent for Japanese girls and essential tips when dating them.

Character of Japanese brides

What is the inner world of Japanese mail order brides? Let’s find out their traits of character.

They are modest

Modesty and politeness are fundamental traits of the Asian ladies online. The humble and quiet girl – that’s how the world sees a Japanese mail order bride. And this picture is real. Japanese brides mind etiquette and other people’s feelings. They don’t like to confuse others and choose to be in line with behavior rules. Also, Japanese girls know how to be happy with the smallest things.

They are determined

One of the brightest Japanese traits of character is determination. These people think all the goals can be reached by constant work and tenacity. Young Japanese generations apply this principle to build the life they want. They achieve high job positions, levels of self-development, and other non-material targets. If Japanese girls make a choice, it’s no chance they will change it.

They are modern but traditional

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the Asian region. This state tries to use and produce the newest attitudes and technologies. This trend finds its reflection in people’s image. Young Japanese women are progressive ladies with good education, knowledge of English, and contemporary life plans. Along with that, they follow the traditions, viewing them as a source of wisdom and inspiration.

Culture a Japanese bride comes from

When dating a person of another culture, it’s good to know the core concepts of it. There are some concepts essential to understanding Japanese culture.


Harmony could be named a national philosophy in Japan. It affects all life spheres and implies behavior in various contexts. Following harmony rules also means an emphasis on modest and gentle interpersonal relations. Japanese people are afraid to offend someone or ruin a relationship. So they put effort into keeping relationships pleasant and stable. Sometimes this attitude determines to avoid telling about something disturbing strictly.

Omoiyari (“to notice and think of others”)

Omoiyari is the concept taught to children since early childhood. This rule means to think of others and notice their needs. Japan possesses a collectivistic culture. Groups are more important than individuals, and the group approach is more appreciated than individualistic. It doesn’t imply losing personal identity. It signifies care about people around.

Gaman (“enduring”)

Patience (endurance) is a crucial concept to understand Japanese life. Since school, children have been taught that persistence is far more important than an innate ability to achieve goals. Together with the concept of harmony, the calm and non-conflict behavior of the Japanese becomes clearer. Japanese are persistent in accomplishing their objectives. This principle implies hard work on the relationship between the two.

Important to know when finding a Japanese wife

  1. Watch the side you’re walking on. In Japan, walking is under specific unspoken rules. Pedestrians walk on the left side, contrary to the right side in the West world. There’s also a rule on escalators. People should walk on their right and stand on their left. If you make a mistake, you’re at the risk of being moved by the dense move of other people.
  2. Don’t cross legs when sitting. In Japan, this gesture is rude. The traditional way is sitting on the knees on the floor. However, in modern times, sitting on a chair is reasonable too.
  3. Don’t be late. Unlike other Asian countries, Japan is an exception because of adhering to the time rules. They don’t like to be late and put effort into being on time. They mind arrangements. So don’t let your Japanese girl wait for you too much.
  4. Mind tactile contact. In the Western world, physical touching is a sign of good mood and fellow feeling. In the Asian region, such gestures are strange. If you do them, you’ll look weird for local inhabitants. Japanese people usually bow to greet each other. Also, they don’t use handshakes and cheek kisses.
  5. Be careful with describing sex. In Japanese culture, naming genitals by their actual name is inappropriate. Instead, Japanese people say “asoko” (“there”). This strong taboo is reflected in censure. All the public media pieces, including intimate videos, blur those organs, and use euphemisms to describe them.

The bottom line

Japanese shy, goal-oriented, and persistent girls are exactly what a man wants his wife to be! Don’t wait too much and meet your Japanese love online!