Getting To know Kyrgyzstan Mail Order Brides

Getting To know Kyrgyzstan Mail Order Brides

Getting To know Kyrgyzstan Mail Order Brides and Dates

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If you don’t want to look for Asian brides in China, Japan, or Vietnam, try Central Asia — why not Kyrgyzstan? It isn’t a popular destination, but it’s worth it, especially because of women! The wonderful scenery and landscape will only add to the overall impression of a country. Time to learn more about Kyrgyzstan mail order brides!

Why Kyrgyzstan brides are looking for love abroad?

Sometimes, beautiful nature and stunning food aren’t enough to make a person stay in the country. This is the main dilemma for Kyrgyzstan mail order brides. Despite all the good, the bad tends to win. So why are there so many brides willing to marry a foreigner?

Economic situation

Kyrgyzstan is experiencing a significant economic decline from 5.2% to 1.5%, and this happened in just several months. This resulted in the rise of food prices, higher unemployment rates, and worse life standards. It’s extremely hard to provide for the whole family in such conditions.

Domestic violence and high divorce rates

In 2019, over 2000 reports on domestic violenve have been sent to the police stations. Kyrgyzstan brides suffer mostly from emotional and physical abuse but no serious injuries or deaths were caused. The government presented the Code of Misdemeanours where the violence of any kind is recognized a criminal offense, now there’s nothing left but wait until all this violence comes to an end.

Child marriages still take place

Around 12% of Kyrgyzstan girls got married before they turned 18 in 2017, and these figures don’t seem to decrease. This happens because of religious considerations, low level of education, and poverty among various regions of the country. Now, Kyrgyzstan brides and their families are trying to avoid early marriages but it’s still a serious issue there.

What are the virtues of Kyrgyzstan mail order brides?

Life can be tough but Kyrgyzstan brides don’t stop being charming. What are Kyrgyzstan mail order brides famous for, except for their optimistic mindset and broad smiles?

Kyrgyzstan brides are amazing hosts

Kyrgyzstan brides are famous for their Central Asian hospitality. Since Kyrgyzstan is mainly a nomadic country, it has influenced national traditions and food, but hospitality remains the same. One of the traditional occasions is dastarkhan or holiday dinner that also has its traditional rules.

During dastarkhan, Kyrgyzstan brides cook a truly shocking number of meat dishes, bake bread and make tea. They also decorate tables with hand-made carpets and offer the best dished to the guests in the first place. Among such dishes are beshbarmak, shashlik, traditional kymyz drink, and boorsok.

Kyrgyzstan mail order brides are great at crafts

Central Asia has its own authentic culture and types of crafts. Usually, Kyrgyzstan brides are taught some of them since childhood to become more attractive to potential husbands, learn something new, and maybe get an additional source of income. Among those crafts are shyrdaks or national carpets, ala-kiyiz, tush-kiyiz, etc.

Kyrgyzstan brides can get kidnapped

It’s a traditional custom taken after ancient and Muslim religions. Before the wedding, a bride can get kidnapped by a groom. He asks for the payout or kalym, for the bride. This can happen accidentally, right on the street, or intentionally at the bride’s family’s house, for instance. It’s a fun ritual that happens during many marriages in Kyrgyzstan.

In conclusion

Have you made all the necessary notes? When the time is right, be sure to use all the knowledge about Kyrgyzstan mail order brides on practice!