Average Cost Of Asian Mail Order Brides And Online Dating: Your Full Guide On Prices

Average Cost Of Asian Mail Order Brides And Online Dating: Your Full Guide On Prices

If you`re serious about online dating and use it to find your life partner, expenses are inevitable. You can`t find a wife for completely free as there are expenditures on services, trips, documents, etc. So, how much does an Asian bride cost? Are there any ways to save money on buying a bride? What should you never grudge money on? What`s the overall price? Let`s find out below.

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How much is it to buy an Asian bride?

There`s no sense in looking for exact prices in Asian brides online reviews since every situation is unique. Men should consider several important factors trying to calculate the cost of getting an Asian woman online.

  • Website services which are usually the most affordable part of the budget.
  • Gifts and flowers to impress her.
  • Trips to her native country and bringing her home.
  • Additional costs involved in trips: accommodation, meals, entertainment, translation etc.
  • Visa and other documents.
  • Wedding (optional).

This is a rough sketch of your potential expenditures of an average cost of mail order bride. Asian mail order bride cost depends much on your goals and behavior during online dating.

Prices of mail order brides vs traditional dating: what`s cheaper?

Some males are confused when they think about an answer to the question “how much does mail order brides normally cost?”. However, have they ever calculated the cost of traditional dating? The average date in the US usually reduces the monthly budget by $200, and only imagine how many of them you`ll have until you find a perfect match!

Naturally, a man may also try to date in another country. If you compare a Filipino mail order brides cost and traditional acquaintances in this country, you may see a great difference. Furthermore, you can even conclude the mail order brides Philippines cost will be lower. Your visit to the country may last much longer if you want to meet a soulmate there while your mail order wife is already waiting for you. Moreover, coming for a bride to the country and preparing her relocation usually doesn`t take much time, so you can buy Asian girl without hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

Asian Mail order brides pricing in detail

You know what Asian mail order brides cost depends on, but how much you pay on each dating step? Being genuinely interested in a fascinating romance with a belle from Asia, get ready to learn about possible mail order bride pricing in advance.

Participation cost

Top-rated and popular MOB sites can`t be for no cost, as they offer safe and effective solutions to buy an Asian bride or one from Latin America. Guys wanting to chat with cuties and send gifts have to pay. The perks cost depends on the websites and the credit package. It may vary from $9.99 to $149.99. On average, guys spend $100 on professional services, as there are not only credit packs but also premium subscriptions and other opportunities.

How much does an Asian bride cost in detail, or what services are offered for money? You may decide to pay for matchmaking and communication tools, including not only traditional chat and emails but also phone and video calls. Naturally, gifts and flowers can be purchased for real money as well. You may wonder why you should spend money on them? The range of reasons to do it sound very convincing:

  • Higher security level for all users.
  • A bigger number of active and validated members.
  • More chances to meet real people and avoid fraud.
  • Absence of annoying ads.
  • A wider range of additional services and solutions for better results.

Tickets to meet your Asian women

When your love is mutual and you want to see each other in real life, you start to look for flying tickets to the country of a soulmate. Tickets to Asian countries included in Asian bride cost are as much as $500-800 for economy class. It depends on the gentleman whether he prefers comfort in everything, ready to spend more than $1000 on the ticket, or he doesn`t pay attention to little details. You can compare prices on different sites to choose the most profitable option. Also, small companies sell tickets at lower prices than world-famous ones.

Romantic tours to meet single Asian girls

Some sites offer a Romantic tour for guys, including buying tickets, hotel booking, and other services. The minimum price for such a tour costs $3500. When a man decides to bring gifts to a gorgeous lady, this will also become an amount to the total mail order wife cost. The total sum may be higher when you choose additional services for your trip.


Arriving in a beloved country, you choose some hotel. Many countries have famous and reputable hotels with payment of $ 113 per night. Of course, there are also cheaper accommodations with no special bonuses like breakfast, pool, or jacuzzi which make the price higher. So, if you are not a fan of expensive rooms, but you`d rather support a small business than stay in such places. They will save your money making the cost of mail order bride not that high and you will feel closer to the local culture.

How much do you pay for bride`s documents?

How much does a mail order bride cost? Depends on the preparation of the documents.

  • You have to obtain a bride`s visa (K-1) for a foreign miss. Its price varies from $1200 to $5000.
  • The USCIS registration fee is $510 and the embassy commission is $265.
  • There are also variable costs including medical check-ups ($60-300), assistance, etc.
  • Additional costs involved in trips: accommodation, meals, entertainment, translation etc.
  • Visa and other documents.
  • Wedding (optional).

Hence, the average price of Asian mail order bride arrival is $3,500.

What about the courtship prices of oriental wives?

How much does an Asian mail order bride cost? This sum depends on your financial opportunities and a lady`s character. This sum depends on your financial opportunities and a lady`s character. When she needs special attention, get prepared to spend up to $2,000 a month on pricey bouquets, jewelry, teddy bears, and perfumes. However, you can also spend as little as $50 a month if your miss prefers an emotional connection over material gifts. However, remember that giving gifts is a necessary thing. In many cultures, it means a guy values ​​his relationship and is serious about his soulmate. That`s why planning to bind a life with such a single, consider Asian mail order bride prices in planning a courtship budget. But marrying this alluring lady, you make sure she is worth all these costs and bills. Don`t be afraid of investing in your happy future!

Asian mail order bride cost by country

There are 48 Asian countries known today and how much do mail order brides cost in each of them? You can find girls for marriage in almost all of them. Have you already decided which nationality you want your partner to be from? China, Japan, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippines are the most popular destinations on the list. Is there any difference in the cost of an Asian bride depending on where she comes from?

In fact, not really. At least, the difference isn`t huge. However, there are a few points you could keep in mind when considering mail order brides pricing.

  • Traveling expenditures might be bigger if you go to a girl from a more developed Asian country like Japan, Singapore, South Korea. Therefore, a Japanese mail order brides cost may be several hundred dollars higher. On the contrary, you`ll be spending less on accommodation, food, and a variety of activities in countries like India, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia. No matter whether you calculate the Vietnam bride price or want to learn how much Cambodian brides cost, there won`t be a significant difference in the final amount.
  • Another category of expenses that might influence a final cost of an Asian bride is courtship. The tendency is similar. If a girl comes from a less developed country like Vietnam or Thailand, she`ll probably be less demanding and won`t expect expensive gifts. Consequently, you won`t feel a great difference in the Thai brides cost or if you wish to buy a Vietnamese bride. If a woman assumes her man to indulge her with costly gifts, you`ll have to spend more.
  • The choice of the place for meeting a wife is important too. Girls from rural areas are less demanding to courtship while ladies raised in big cities may need more pampering from men`s side. So a Thai bride price list can range depending on the girl`s choice too.

Anyway, these are just generalizations and the overall Asian mail order bride prices always depend on a variety of factors. However, now you know what they`re and can come up with at least an approximate budget.