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Only The People You Can Trust: Meet The Team Of

In the age of fake news and fake experts, selecting the right people to launch a media project has never been more crucial. This is why is proud of its team of experts, editors, and writers who plan, create, and perfect the content for the website. Take a look at the people who bring to you informative articles, exciting blog posts, and deep-level reviews of mail order bride platforms. We have selected them carefully and with much thought, prioritizing the benefit and satisfaction of our readers.

Our Team

Mike is an Asian American relationship expert with years of experience. He’s one of our most valued authors who has a unique perspective on dating and marrying Asian women. Read more of his pieces to learn what girls from China, Japan, and other countries are like and how to start a healthy, fulfilling relationship with any of them.
Asia MyersAsia Myers
Local expert
Few Americans have such an understanding of the intricacies of Japanese culture as Asia. She’s a Japan-based relationship and performance coach from the US, and her experience in guiding Americans through the process of dating Asian women is unsurpassed. Read her articles and posts to learn the secrets of winning the heart of Japanese ladies.
Katy ClarkKaty Clark
Having such a renowned dating expert as Katy Clark as our editor means that our content is nothing but outstanding. Thanks to Katy’s deep knowledge of relationship secrets and extensive matchmaking experience on the elite level, she knows how to make everything you read on our website perfect.
May HuiMay Hui
We wouldn’t have been where we are now without the contribution of May Hui. As an Asian American dating expert with over 8,000 introductions and hundreds of successful matches, May can answer all your questions about dating and marrying a woman from Asia. Read her pieces to get great advice on Asian mail order brides and starting a family with an Asian woman.

Our team has experts with years and sometimes even decades of practical experience in matchmaking and relationship couseling. Many of them are of Asian descent and have a particularly deep understanding of the region’s culture and dating traditions. Some of them actively work in Asian countries like Japan, and their daily sessions with local clients inform their expertise when they craft articles and reviews for us. Every piece of content you see on this website has been written and fact-checked by experts in dating and relationships, and you can trust their judgment. Read more about their credentials and experience below.

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