What’s It Like To Be A North Korean Mail Order Wife?
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What’s It Like To Be A North Korean Mail Order Wife?

North Korean brides are hard to come across, but they`re sweeter than any other woman you could make your own. Finding North Korean women for marriage is especially difficult because of the hurdles they have to jump through to get a visa. However, these difficulties are worth it when it means you`ll end up spending a lifetime with a wife who is eternally grateful. A man who ends up with a North Korean mail order bride is set for life. Y

ou`ve rescued her from her former life, and brought her into a much more comfortable living situation. She`ll show her thankfulness by showering you with love and affection in all forms. She`ll spoil you with her exquisite cuisine, by making you kimchi, bibmbap, pansangi, and all sorts of tasty seafood dishes. She`ll take your breath away by donning her traditional clothes, Hanbok, on special occasions. You`ll be showered with kisses, hugs and soft words of love and encouragement each day, by a wife who trusts and adores you.

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With such an image in mind, how could you pass up the chance to talk to some North Korean brides? These beautiful women are delicate with their words, respectful of their husbands, and always put the family first. You`ll find them quickly becoming the foundation of your home, giving you and your family members support, and if you want it, give you children too. They`ll provide you with the ideal home life. Everyday after work, you`ll be coming home to a face that`s happy to see you, and a house that feels like home. Wanna know if North Korean brides will truly be the right fit for you? Read on, and learn all about their personalities, culture and more. This could be the start of something beautiful for you.

What ladies beset males like the strongest drinks? These are tender and charming Asian brides who act as a magnet for males from all corners of the world. Although rare among her counterparts from Asia, a North Korean mail order bride is a gorgeous woman—strong, courageous, and optimistic. There are hardly any other women in the world who crave care and exaltment so much, so they never doubt joining international dating platforms and looking for true love behind the borders of their motherland.

Are you interested in what North Korean brides online look like and are they good interlocutors? If a trip to their country isn`t a good idea, but your curiosity is like a worm eating you from the inside, don`t worry! It`ll take a couple of minutes to make a virtual voyage to paradise with potential North Korean wives online. Look through the mail order bride platforms listed, and you`ll not only enjoy communication with these unique women but even get a chance to find a Korean wife!

Why North Korean women for marriage try to escape the country?

It’s hard to imagine how do North Korean mail order brides live. With its own Internet and mobile network, North Korea is like a distant island no one can study appropriately. But some knowledge is still free access to people, so let’s see what’s life out there!

North Korean brides are sexual slaves

Horrible but true. Those women who could escape from Noth Korea have stated that women there can only achieve promotion or a decent level of life and income by becoming slaves to government officials or other influential people.

There’s a wrong system of gender relations

North Korean brides also experience some troubles at home. Gender inequality, domestic violence, and horrifying attitude to women’s lives and work — that’s just the beginning of the list.

North Korean mail order brides are often subject to physical or emotional violence. Men are usually engaged in binge drinking and abusing their wives, although it’s stated in the official documents that North Korea professes gender equality and prosperous co-existence.

north korean bride

North Korean mail order brides are isolated from the outer world

To make the lives of North Korean brides even more unbearable, they’re “encouraged” to join the army. It’s not a surprise how bad are the conditions there: no hygiene, privacy, or any sign of a good attitude towards women. Unintentional pregnancy is also a horrible thing as women then will be forced to abort it. So the lives of North Korean brides is even more terrible as it seemed at first.

What makes beautiful North Korean women for marriage attractive to foreigners?

Although it may seem hard to stay cheerful with such a life, North Korean brides succeed. There are various reasons why North Korean women for marriage are better than the ladies from South Korea and even the rest of Asia. Read on to find out why!

Character of North Korean ladies

North Korean women for marriage, in general, are very reserved in expressing their emotions in public. Reserved respect for the person they talk with is considered the rule of good manners here, so relations between people are very even-tempered and calm. Loud laughter, shouting, kissing, and even hugging in public, especially in the presence of the elderly, is considered intemperate. You should remember it while dating a North Korean girl. However, North Korean brides are still friendly, sociable, and curious.

Family values of North Korean brides

Traditional Korean society is based on the ideas of Confucianism and is therefore built on respect for parents and the elderly, traditional family values, community, and hard work. The traditional system of community, hierarchy, and respect for elders is still of great importance in all spheres of Korean life. Beautiful North Korean women adore children. In North Korea, people work hard for the good of children. The fundamental element of their upbringing is the children’s sufficient independence, aestheticism, and respect for elders. Such fervent love for children can also be explained by centuries-old traditions.

North Korean brides maintain traditions and customs better

While South Koreans cook exotic dishes and don’t follow all the traditional rituals on most of the holidays, North Koreans strictly follow all the steps and only follow initial recipes. North Koreans remember anniversaries of deaths and celebrate such holidays as Dano and Chuseok. Fish, pork, tofu, and mountain-grown vegetables are common foods these days. The North Korean bride always does all the preparations.You’ll meet an interesting and exotic culture while dating a North Korean gir

North Korean brides do everything fast

Since North Koreans are living under a constant observance, they have to do everything right and fast. That’s why it became a habit for many of them not only at work but also at home. Korean brides only need a couple of hours to make the house shine, cook and feed the kids, and do groceries, for example. Time management is an important skill nowadays and North Korean wives seem to be nailing it!

North Korean women for marriage are fighting against the regime

The North Korean rules still forbid wearing red lipstick, having long hair not tied, or dressing up differently. But now, beauty has become a weapon for many North Korean brides online. This way, they express protesting against strict rules telling them what to wear and how to do makeup. Now that they know their beauty is freedom, they’re not afraid to experiment with their appearance and feel more confident. So, discover beautiful North Korean girls online.

Wrapping up

North Korean brides have something to surprise you with. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to meet them on a North Korean dating site inside of the country, but if you’re lucky to meet them in China or South Korea — you’re good to go. Good luck in finding your perfect North Korean wife!

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