Filipino Brides – Breath Of Fresh Air

Filipino Brides – Breath Of Fresh Air

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Unfortunately, in the modern world, there are lots of cold women who find it hard to share their hearts. However, it’s absolutely not a case for Filipino mail order brides! Sensitive and easy-going nymphs tolerant to others – that’s why men adore them!

Character of Filipino mail order brides

Filipino brides are a fantastic choice for marriage, particularly because of their character. What are their traits? Let’s investigate.

They are sensitive

Unlike many modern countries, Filipino people didn’t lose the connection with nature and life flow. They still think nature is a power that might cure physical and emotional hurts. Filipino people care about the environment around them. Also, sensitivity is seen in managing personal interactions. Filipino brides are careful not to offend someone. They care for their partners’ emotions and open their hearts to feel love.

They are easy-going

Compared to other Asian countries, people from the Philippines are more easy-going. Perhaps, it might be explained by the fact this territory was part of the USA in the first half of the 20 century. Also, it’s caused by the cultural values that imply people to help others and be open to new good experiences. Filipino mail order brides are open-minded and tolerant.

They are hospitable

Beautiful Asian wife has her home and heart open to others. They are happy to have family and friends parties to share positive emotions and enjoy life together. Filipino people don’t also refuse to help people in need. Filipino brides won’t refuse to have a small party at home, preparing lots of food and some entertainment. And it’s lovely.

Origin of Filipino girls for marriage culture

When choosing a partner for life, it’s good to know her background well. One of the methods is to investigate the core values of her culture. There are some concepts vital to Filipino culture.

Hiya (“shame”)

This concept is difficult to translate correctly. The most appropriate English word for that is “shame.” Hiya implies rules on behavior in all social situations and contexts. Filipino people don’t like to disagree openly, not to offend a person. Also, they put effort into looking good in others’ eyes, behaving modestly and unassumingly. Being shameless (walang-hiya) is the biggest fear of Filipino brides.

Amor-propio (“love of self”)

Love of self in Filipino culture differs a bit from the Western approach. Like for other Asian countries, love of self is related to shame. It means a person should care about the personal image in public (not to lose face). That’s why Filipino people are careful when interacting with others and choosing what to do. Proper behavior (delikadenza) is something Filipinos always try to demonstrate.

Pakikisama (“to get along”)

This concept has something in common with the previous two. It implies not provoking conflict situations. If a Filipino person confronts, for example, a waiter, this act offends his love of self and marks behavior shameless. The right way is to establish a calm contact to solve an issue politely.

You’ll rarely see Filipino people behaving rudely. That’s because the three described concepts work. And that’s why Filipino brides are so attractive, don’t you agree?

Important tips for dating Filipino brides

The good news is that the Philippines were under the USA for a long time. It means Western communication styles and behavioral patterns aren’t strange for Filipino people. Still, if you want to impress your Filipino girl, you should know some specific pieces of advice.

1. Be ready to listen to superstitions. Filipino people are quite superstitious. They believe in ethnoscience (medicine based on traditions and nature). They also check whether a day will be good according to different signs and sayings. Don’t be mad at that – perhaps, you’ll find some of those superstitions are true.

2. Don’t be mad at being late. Time is something non-binding for Filipino people. They prefer to spend time enjoying life rather than being in a rush to be on time. Younger generations are more punctual, yet might be a bit late as well.

3. Don’t put your hands on your hips while talking. This gesture tells Filipino people you threaten them. It’s not something you want to demonstrate to your Filipino bride, right?

The bottom line

Humble, sensitive, and easy-going girl by your side – didn’t you dream about that? Then don’t miss your ticket to a happy life! Filipino girls for marriage are waiting for you!