Mongolian Online Dating And Brides For Marriage: What Are They Like?

Mongolian Online Dating And Brides For Marriage: What Are They Like?

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Usually, if you think of looking for an Asian bride, the first countries that come to mind are China, Korea, or Thailand. But what about East Asian countries like Mongolia? Don’t underestimate it — Mongolia is full of surprises! Read this article to learn more about Mongolian mail order brides!

Why are Mongolian brides are looking for a husband abroad?

Although Mongolian brides for marriage are independent and ambitious, it’s not enough to get happily married in Mongolia. So, why can’t Mongolian brides find love in their home country?

Unequal sex ratio

In Mongolia, the male-female ratio is 0.97 meaning there are less men and more single ladies. This forces Mongolian brides to look for love abroad as one of their main goals is to establish a family and raise kids. It’s a traditional belief that a woman needs to get married and have kids before she’s 30. The earlier the better.

Extremely low fertility rate

2.9 births per woman is one of the all-time lowest rates in Mongolia. This is also the result of the low sex ratio: no marriage, no kids. This is tough for Mongolia as if it reaches less than 2.1 births, there will be a population decline.

Worst violence rates in Asia

Mongolian brides suffer from the violence of any kind. It’s stated that around 58% of Mongolian women have experienced physical, emotional, economic, or sexual violence, and 31% have experienced sexual and/or physical violence. That’s why many Mongolian brides have no choice but escape from the country.

Why are Mongolian mail order brides worth your while?

Despite all these unpleasant facts, Mongolian mail order brides are ambitious, smart, and independent women that cherish their families and traditional culture. Let’s see why should everyone pay attention to these beauties!

Mongolian brides are more educated than men

From the very birth, Mongolian girls are taught to succeed, work hard, and get a higher education to get happily married. Turn out when a girl grows up and becomes a successful woman, there’s even no competition among men as they’re less educated than women. But the fact that Mongolian brides are ambitious isn’t working on Mongolian men as they find it unattractive.

Mongolian mail order brides don’t mind looking for love online

Instead of meeting men at the bars or nightclubs, Mongolian mail order brides prefer online format of communication. Women can look through some Instagram pictures, read their Facebook posts, and scroll their feed on a mail order bride website to see what they’re interested in and if they’re a good fit.

Mongolian brides for marriage love children

And these are not just words. On average, Mongolian wives have at least four kids. Moreover, if a woman gives birth to five or more children, she becomes an “honored mother” in Mongolia. Mongolian families are interdependent and are a very important part of women’s life there.

Wrapping up

Here’s basically what you need to know about Mongolian mail order brides to understand them better. As you see, they’re family-focused, but also are great at work, determined, and well-educated. You’ll find a great Mongolian bride!